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Monday, November 22, 2010

Typitty Typitty Type

I've been going crazy with writing this past week. I finished the first draft of my new favorite episode of the show. It's entitled, "The Great Cabbage Fluffy McStuffin".  It's very much a one off, creature of the week, type episode. It's got tons of action, comedy, and just might tug at your heart strings.

Writing the show is really helping me to get a good hold on the characters and their motivations. I am trying very hard to write episodes that have strong character arcs as well as story arcs.  I didn't want the shows to be one-dimensional story-lines. I'm trying to steer clear of making each episode just about the event or obstacles that the characters are up against.

I also wanted to create a world that these characters inhabit, so that people they run into can come and go throughout different episodes. It's challenging to have basically two main characters and not an ensemble cast like Futurama or Family Guy. The main villain will be a big part of the show, as will his minions, but I want to slowly build up a character library as the show progresses.  I'm planning to introduce new characters that will have a longer shelf life with the next episode.

Still shopping the show around, so if you want to buy a great show for your network let me know.

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